The new Tony Iommi signature 4x 12 cabinet - the TI412S, was designed to complement the tonal characteristics of the TI100.

Tony was keen to make sure that the drivers in the TS412S delivered the tone that he heard in his head and that his new signature amplifier is capable of producing. So after exhaustive testing the conclusion was reached that Celestion G12H (75) proved to be the ideal driver to partner the new TI100. The G12H 75Hz has its low end raised a little in frequency giving punchier lows and a more forward midrange. Which makes it more suited to heavy overdriven sounds in on stage environment.

With road rugged construction, heavy castors and finished in Tony's trademark cross livery, the TI412S is the definitive heavy metal cab.
Power RMS 120 Watts RMS
Inputs 2x 6.3mm jack sockets
Impedance 16 Ohms
Drivers 4x 12" Celestion Heritage G12H (75)
Baffle Straight
Castors Metal Castors
Cabinet design Rugged Plywood construction, black metal corners, castors, Castor cups, Comfortable Side bar handles, Rubber feet - finished in Tony's trademark livery
Kick Proof Metal Grill Steel - punched with Tony's trademark cross livery
Dimensions Width 771mm x Height 756mm x Depth 358mm
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