The TI100 was born out of an exhaustive period of product development, hand in hand with Tony at every stage, assessing and refining Tony's sonic needs.

For a limited time period each TI100 comes supplied with the following items : -

A limited edition Tony Iommi A3 poster and signing card, and an authentic Tony Iommi guitar pick.
Plus a very special piece of unique memorabilia - a steel cross, laser cut from the grille material used to produce one of Tony's actual TI412S cabinets in his current touring rig.

The new TI100 amp represents a significant advance in Tony's sonic identity whilst still retaining the aggressive tone that Tony is renowned for. There are very few chances in life to claim a first, many people can claim to be the biggest or the fastest but only one person can be the first and in the case of Heavy Metal... the first Heavy Metal guitar tone was a Laney.
Power RMS 100 Watts
Inputs Single
Channels 2
Channels controls Pre-Boost, Volume, Drive
Equalisation Bass, Middle,Treble, Enhance and Presence per channel.
Preamp valves 8x ECC83
Output valves 4x 6L6
Class AB
Line out Yes (from Preamp)
Line in Yes (from Power amp)
Footswitch FS4 -TI footswitch supplied. SYM Link connector on rear.
Speaker connections 1x 16 Ohm, 2x 16 Ohms - 1x 8 Ohm, 2x 8 Ohm - 1x 4 Ohm.
FX Loop(s) Send & return jacks assignable to modes - BYPASS, INSERT & SIDE CHAIN.
Weight 21.5 kg
Dimensions Height 271mm x Width 678mm x Depth 288mm
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