The Linebacker range is very easy to use - select a channel, dial in an amp model, tweak your EQ, dial in the effect you want and play. It's that simple. We should mention that every amp model stores its effects allocation and setting INSTANTANEOUSLY, there is nothing for you to do. For each amp model you can select a different effects combination and this is recalled as soon as you select that amp model the next time.

The smart, stylish and thoroughly modern LR20 features a preamp with two identical channels each housing 11 amp models per channel giving you access to up to 22 different amp models ranging from totally clean to full on, all out lead, and everything in between.

All in all the LR20 offers a modern day approach to simple and yet flexible guitar tones for the player who wants everything to enhance their playing and nothing to get in their way.
Power RMS 20 Watts
Inputs 1x Jack & 1x AUX
Channels 2
Equalisation High quality EQ recalled with each amp model
Master Presence Control Da
Record Out Da
Drivers 8" Custom Driver
Effects 4 Modulation effects & Delay/Reverb
Headphone Socket Da
Amp Models 22
On Board Tuner Da
Dimensions (mm)
• Produse similare LR5 / LR35 / LR20
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