The complete Metal Package.
Forged in the Black Country.

The new IRONHEART 2x 12 combo the IRT60-212 bangs out 60 watts RMS of all ECC83 & 6L6 valve tone with masses of gain and like its metal relatives such as the Laney KLIPP and the Laney AOR hits you hard between the eyes like a power hammer from hell!

The Combo houses three sonically distinct channels: - Clean, Rhythm & Lead all with independent level controls. The Clean and the Rhythm channels share a 3- band EQ with pull-push shift features on each control that gives you total control over your sound allowing you to dial in that killer tone.

The IRT60-212's Lead channel has an independent 3- band EQ with pull-push shift features on each control allowing for some radical lead tones.

The Pre Boost feature makes the need to carry additional boost pedals redundant! Something any gigging player will admit is a great feature. On the IRT60-212 the footswitchable Pre Boost works just like kicking in your favourite boost pedal right before your amp. It's available where ever you are on the pre amp and can be switched in or out via the supplied footswitch.

A standout feature of the IRT60-212 range is the WATTS control in the master section. This allows you to really screw down the output of the IRT60-212's 2x 6L6 output section, down to less than 1 watt! Great for getting the sound of a full -blown metal head at bedroom levels.

Combine this with a Dynamics control which tightens up you low end when you're playing a full power and you have a great metal tone at whatever level you decide to play at.

The Tone control works really effectively and allows you to make quick adjustments to your overall sound should you for example change guitars.
The IRT60-212 features a custom designed and specifically tuned reverb allowing you to add just the right amount of reverb wash over your tone. Adding additional effects via external processors is a breeze the FX loop on the rear of the IRT60-212 has a switchable level control meaning you can easily switch your FX loop output level to match the ideal level for your effects gear.

A full on metal combo requires something special when it comes to the speaker department!
The IRT60-212 is no exception! Housing a pair of Custom designed and voiced HH drivers, The IRT60-212 does not hold it's punches giving you aggressive, angry mids where required and lots of low end kick. Giving you tone forged from molten metal.

Every IRT60-212 is supplied with dedicated footswitch, which enables you to switch the Pre Boost, channels and reverb without having to use the front panel.
There is no doubt that IRT60-212 is a serious kick-ass metal amp and much more.

Just Play It!
Power RMS 60 Watts
Inputs 1x Jack
Channels 3 (Clean, Rhythm & Lead)
Equalisation Bass, Middle & Treble with Pull-Push EQ shift on each
Master presence control Overall TONE
Boost switch Footswitchable PRE BOOST
Preamp valves 4x ECC83
Output Valves 2x 6L6
Class Class AB
Reverb Laney designed Digital reverb
Footswitch FS4-IRT supplied as standard - switches Channel, Clean, Reverb & Pre Boost
Speaker connections 2 jack sockets - 4, 8 or 16 Ω
FX Loop(s) Yes - variable level FX loop
Impedance 16 Ω
Drivers 2x HH Custom Designed 12" drivers (16 (ohms)
Baffle Angled Baffle
Cabinet design Straight fronted
Weight 38.5 kg
Dimensions (mm) Unit dimensions for int. case: 526 x 715 x 288 (H x W x D)
Packed dimensions: 591 x 787 x 360 (H x W x D)
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