The all new CUB HEAD finally gives players access to great British valve tone like never before. The retro styled CUB-HEAD features a top mounted control panel consisting of the following; gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, tone and reverb. Dialling in a great valve tone is simple (select your input) 15 W or <1 W - more on these controls in a moment, dial in your tone, add a taste of high quality reverb and away you go.

The CUB-HEAD houses 3x ECC83's in its preamp and 2x EL84's in the power amp section, all hand selected to give the best valve tone possible. Lets go back for a moment and look at the inputs on the CUB-HEAD. The CUB-HEAD has two input options, one giving you 15W RMS of valve tone, the other giving you a huge valve sound, but cutting the output down to 75 of a Watt 75 of a Watt might not sound like much, but it allows you to drive the output section really hard and generate some very pleasing power amp compression and pleasing break up giving you that holy grail of guitar tone!

The rear panel of the CUB-HEAD houses two speaker out sockets in 8 & 16 Ω options, a footswitch socket for switching the reverb and an effects loop consisting of a Send/Line out socket and a return socket. The CUB-HEAD can be paired with any Laney cabinet but is ideally suited to the CUB-CAB.
Power RMS 15 W RMS & < 1W RMS
Inputs 2 : 15W & < 1W
Equalisation Bass, Middle, Treble
Preamp Valves 3x ECC83
Output Valves 2x EL84
Class A/B
Reverb Nu
Footswitch Da
FX Loop(s) Da
Speaker connections 8 Ω
Impedance NA
Drivers Nu
Channel Controls Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume & Tone
Dimensions (mm)
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